Artists Inspiring Artists

“I need this to be an album cover. This exact piece. This one. It has to happen. How can I get it?” As an artist, there is just something extra awesome and flattering about your work speaking to others, even if it’s not in the same way it speaks to you. My goal is to […]

What we can control

Fluid art can be so unpredictable. Much like life, there are times you feel like you are in control and can see how things are going to play out beautifully, just to be thrown off course if you make one wrong move. While some may think this art is “easy” and just thrown together, there […]

Saying Yes

Let me switch gears on you for a minute… This business, my blog, my social media… They aren’t intended to be only for sharing my artistic side. It’s not just to promote and sell my work. It is meant to be a space where I can share about every messy facet of life. It’s about […]

Painting with a Purpose

I’m a philanthropist at heart. I say at heart, because my wallet doesn’t go deep enough to truly live up to the definition. However, I’ve always had a passion for helping others. I’m that person who always says, “If only I were rich, I would do ALL THE GOOD DEEDS!” I absolutely mean it, though. […]


How often do you take time to think about, or try to improve your overall well-being? Perhaps not enough. Perhaps you don’t even realize you’re working against yourself! Authors Tom Rath and Jim Harter wrote that there are five broad categories that are essential to most people when it comes to the fabric of their […]

Set the Tone

Who else has trouble setting a positive tone for their day first thing in the morning? I know I used to! Although it certainly may help if you’re waking up to head in (or stay in!) to a job you love, it never hurts to toss in some extras to get your mood right from […]


I cannot count how many times in my life I’ve said the words “I wish I could… Wouldn’t it be great if I just… I don’t know how to… But that will never… I can’t…” well, you get the picture. How many times have you had a dream, or just a hobby, a great idea […]