Deck the Walls Art Exhibit

Can I just say – What a fabulous opportunity! The Downtowner Gallery in Round Rock hosts the annual Austin Tinplate Trackers Train Show during the holiday season, and this year I got to have my artwork on display and for sale for thousands of spectators to enjoy! The “Deck the Walls with Artwork” exhibit was […]

Christmas on the Square

Have art, will travel. Burnet is about an hour away from where I live, so this one was a bit of a trek. Between all of the structural/display items and inventory itself, we always take two vehicles (both SUVs) to my shows. Our first thought was, “is it worth the time and gas?” Well, about […]

Prete Plaza Artists’ Popups

I am so grateful for the local arts community in Round Rock. The city itself, The Arts & Culture Department, Parks & Recreation Department, and The Downtowner Gallery do a wonderful job at helping emerging artists get their names out there. Between offering multiple events a year and even free artists pop ups every Spring […]

Austin Arts Fair

Austin Arts Fair is hosted by Artly World, a nonprofit organization that provides arts & music programs and creative experiences for children, families, and communities in the Austin area. Prior to this event, a member of Artly World came out to meet me at the Round Rock Art Walk and did a short video interview […]

Downtown Round Rock Art Walk

The Downtown Round Rock Art Walk was set up in addition to the usual Artists Popups at Prete Plaza. Attendees could continue their stroll down Main Street to shop various booths on this absolutely gorgeous November day. My husband is my biggest supporter and I am beyond grateful to have his help throughout this entire […]

What we can control

Fluid art can be so unpredictable. Much like life, there are times you feel like you are in control and can see how things are going to play out beautifully, just to be thrown off course if you make one wrong move. While some may think this art is “easy” and just thrown together, there […]

Saying Yes

Let me switch gears on you for a minute… This business, my blog, my social media… They aren’t intended to be only for sharing my artistic side. It’s not just to promote and sell my work. It is meant to be a space where I can share about every messy facet of life. It’s about […]

Pancakes and Booze Art Show

This show was AH-MAZING. I was utterly terrified, if I’m being honest. The fact that it was held at Elysium in downtown Austin until 2:00a.m. was the least of my worries, though. I knew going into it that I was approximately 2,815 steps outside of my comfort zone. This particular show felt LEGIT. It was […]

Painting with a Purpose

I’m a philanthropist at heart. I say at heart, because my wallet doesn’t go deep enough to truly live up to the definition. However, I’ve always had a passion for helping others. I’m that person who always says, “If only I were rich, I would do ALL THE GOOD DEEDS!” I absolutely mean it, though. […]