Meet Kristy!

Hi! I’m Kristy! I’m a maker, a baker, mom, wife, self-love and kindness enthusiast. I love to create, cook, explore, learn, and share my vision and projects with others. I could say that baking is my “thing” or that perhaps it’s crafting. But really, it’s passion. Passion is my thing.

I believe in pursuing any and all things that you are passionate about – and let me tell you – I am passionate about a LOT of things. You may want to prepare yourself for a rollercoaster ride of DIY projects, acrylic pour art, beautiful baked goods, party planning tips, and a little bit of marriage and parenthood messes tossed in for good measure. If you ever find yourself asking “why is she writing about THAT,” chances are it’s because I’m passionate about it.

This is a space that I intend to fill with love, laughter, fun, and a dash (like the 100-yard kind) of awkwardness. If I’m not cooking, painting, or otherwise creating, you can find me sobbing on the closet floor, elbow deep in a box of toasty cheez-its because I’m probably going crazy as a full-time working mom and wife who tries to “do all the things!”

This is why I had to learn to Say Yes to The Mess and find my own way to turn those messes into masterpieces. I have big visions for the direction of this creative space and hope you’ll stick around to watch it unfold with me. Thanks for visiting! <3