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Downtown Round Rock Art Walk

The Downtown Round Rock Art Walk was set up in addition to the usual Artists Popups at Prete Plaza. Attendees could continue their stroll down Main Street to shop various booths on this absolutely gorgeous November day. My husband is my biggest supporter and I am beyond grateful to have his help throughout this entire journey.

At events like this, the location you’re assigned can always be hit or miss. It could make or break engagement and sales for you, if I’m being honest. But again, take the shot and gain the experience anyway. It’s not always about how much you sell. It’s about getting your name out there, engaging with your community and customers, and just enjoying the ride. I met a couple at this event that reached out to me after browsing my website, met me for a private showing of over 40 pieces, and purchased over 20 of them. They are now frequent customers and we are currently discussing a large commission piece.

While I’m typically the type of person who revels in deep conversations, I truly enjoy the small talk at these events. You have an opportunity to hear what others think of your work, what they are looking for and you can add value to their lives by offering tips and tricks of your trade. This builds relationships, which I believe is key to becoming successful as a maker.

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