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Austin Arts Fair

Austin Arts Fair is hosted by Artly World, a nonprofit organization that provides arts & music programs and creative experiences for children, families, and communities in the Austin area. Prior to this event, a member of Artly World came out to meet me at the Round Rock Art Walk and did a short video interview about me and my work (another 371 steps outside of my comfort zone). I believe what they are doing is wonderful for our community and as an emerging artist, I am so grateful for it. They promoted my video and my work through their social media outlets, and even now, several months later, I see my work and photos being shared on their Instagram. Follow them, participate, contribute to their mission if you can. Arts & Music is so important, and I think striving to keep it prevalent in our communities and with our children is worth supporting.

The event itself was a nice change of pace because it was indoors. Not fighting against the elements for once was definitely a bonus. One of my favorite things, however, was that vendors were given the chance to set up an activity for children during the event. Since this was close to Christmas, I opted for a wood slice ornament painting activity. Unfortunately, due to time constraints I wouldn’t have been able to do a pouring class, so this was a great alternative, and families really seemed to enjoy it. Again, this was a great way to get to know some local individuals and plant some seeds about who I am and what I do.

Note my little sidekick who was along for the ride this day – She was a great helper setting up for the event, and of course didn’t complain about having some extra screen time when we were busy

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