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I Feel Better When I’m Dancing

I’ve played the “woe is me” and “the world is against me” game for far too long. 

The thing is – EVERYONE goes through storms in their lives. Some may be deemed “worse” than others’, but every storm is valid. Every obstacle and struggle that every person faces is worthy of being recognized, and not discredited just because someone else has thunder, rain AND lightning while you just have some thunder. 
You’re allowed to feel defeated. You are allowed to be stressed over your situation. You are allowed to be angry and overwhelmed. 

But can I make a suggestion? Don’t let that storm get the best of you. You may FEEL defeated, but don’t let it DEFEAT you. While the storm will most certainly pass, don’t just sit in a puddle of negativity while it does. Learn from it. Celebrate that there are lessons that can come from whatever life throws at you. Hell, celebrate the fact that you are even here another day to be able to DANCE in the rain. 

I, for one, have experienced quite the shift in my relationships and daily life just from practicing the art of not drowning in my anger, frustration, and disappointment when life’s storms are beating down on me. I’ve learned to ride it out, soak up every drop, and ask myself either what I can do to prevent that same situation in the future, or if it’s out of my control, what can I learn from it? 

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