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Set the Tone

Who else has trouble setting a positive tone for their day first thing in the morning?

I know I used to! Although it certainly may help if you’re waking up to head in (or stay in!) to a job you love, it never hurts to toss in some extras to get your mood right from the start!

Check out my top 4 tips on setting a positive tone for the day:

1) Don’t scroll social media pages before you start your day. Far too high a chance for negativity and distractions to creep their way in.

2) Say three positive affirmations upon waking each morning.

3) I try to be in my car and on the road early enough to catch the “Tell Me Something Good” segment on one of my favorite radio stations. – Positive and uplifting stories to get the good vibes flowing!

4) Jam out to at least two of my favorite, upbeat songs before I go in to work. Sometimes this means I sit in my car in the parking lot until the song is over. Yes, others may look at me like I’m crazy… But I’m on a mission to set the tone for my day!

I’d love to hear some of your favorite “get started right” tips for your morning! Drop a comment below to share!

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