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Make Good on the Promises to Yourself

How often do you make promises to others? How about to yourself? Now think about how often you keep them. I take pride in that I do everything within my power to keep my promises to other people. It’s one of my core values. Sure, I am only human and might sometimes slip up. But I give it my all, for sure. The same cannot be said for promises I make to myself. You know the ones – that you’ll “work out tomorrow,” or you’ll start eating better, spend less time at work, and so on.

Throughout the years, I’ve made many promises to myself – and I’ve broken the majority of them. Now that I’ve started this little side hobby and business of mine, I decided it was time to remind myself of my other promises to myself. I had promised myself that I would seek inspiration and reignite my passion for creating. I promised that I’d take some of my many ideas and turn them into something. That I would start a blog – even if it’s not that good. I also promised I’d stop those limiting beliefs and self-doubt – as you can see that’s still a work in progress. ?

I’ve learned through the past 3 years or so that it’s important to give yourself the same respect and the same effort that you would give others. While you should always give yourself grace and remember that we are all only human and trying our best, it is also important to make good on your promises to yourself. YOU matter, too.

So, now that I’m off on this new adventure that fulfills some of my creative desires, it’s time to establish some new (probably old, if I’m being honest) promises that need fulfilling.

  • I promise to focus more on my personal development and growth this year. I promise to work on loving my body more again – Whether this be by treating it better with good foods, more activity, or simply embracing it for where it is right now and how far it has come. I will work on loving it.
  • I promise to make changes to improve our family’s finances.
  • I promise to ease up a little bit. Relax, and enjoy the simple moments without turning everything into an anxiety-ridden problem that I have to micromanage and have complete control over.

I’ve given myself a full plate, for sure. But I know that I’m perfectly capable of making good on each and every one of those promises. It’s time to dig myself out of the personal rut I’ve put myself in, and just grin and bear it.

Thanks for tagging along… <3

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