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Halloween Paw Fest Fundraiser at Doghouse Drinkery and Dog Park

Sell some art AND play with furry friends? Count me in! Doghouse Drinkery & Dog Park in Round Rock hosted a cute little popup during their Halloween Paw Fest Fundraiser, which included a dog costume contest and donation drive for Williamson County Animal Shelter. It was a small event, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. For me, my goal for the first year of this venture was to get as much experience with vendor shows as possible. If the cost to participate is low (or sometimes free), I encourage you to go for it! You will learn more each time you vend, and you will discover new and better ways to set up your booth. Plus, the more you set up and break down, the faster you will be at it. – Which can be beneficial for events that have a very specific window for setup and breakdown times. Don’t be afraid to sign up for even the small, lesser known events; you never know what kind of turnout there will be or what connections you will make.

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