Handcrafted Acrylic Pour Chessboard


This beautifully handcrafted chessboard would make a truly one of a kind gift for your favorite chess lover. Tiles are individually poured in shades of blue with white, and in red, mustard and gray. *see full details below

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This magnificent piece was a true labor of love, so I wanted to share some process photos with you.
Each 2″ x 2″ tile was individually poured, then pieces were affixed to a 3/4″ base of MDF.
Hand-stained and poly-coated wood trim was cut and placed around the edges to form the frame.
The bottom is painted black.
The top is finished in two coats of high-quality counter-top grade resin that is scratch, heat, and impact resistant.
Overall size is about 15 1/4″ square and 1 3/4″ tall

*Please see photo indicating where two bits of paint were scratched off during an unfortunate camera fail accident during the video taping resin process. This is very minor in the overall look, but is an unfortunate defect.
*Contact me to request your own custom chessboard!
*This piece weighs almost 12 pounds. Please contact for a shipping quote or to arrange local pickup.
*For $10 more, I will include a brand new 34-piece set of heavy, triple-weighted plastic chess pieces that meet the United States Chess Federation and World Chess Federation height, weight, and proportion standards for tournament play. Inquire if interested.